Training Solutions

We offer a wide range of training solutions: 

Courses at our locations: We have excellent training facilities at several locations on our three sites. We can normally run your required training at any of our sites. However dependent on the need of access to aricraft one base could be more suitable than the other, dependent on the aircraft type.


Courses at customers' location of choice: To reduce costs, we have a distributd solution, where we can perform the training at the customers' location of choice and to the same high quality as at our home bases. If you have more than 5 students, it is usually more economic to hold the training at you own location, than it is to send the students elsewhere with unnecessary travel and accommodation costs.


Sit-ins: If you need a single seat (or seats) for a specific course, we can often accommodate you with our scheduled courses. Look in the course section for available dates. If there is no course scheduled, we will check our resources and try to set up a course for you.